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Required: .NET 4.0 runtime

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Stunning. Quite simply awesome. I really like the way you have put this together.

Trevor Dwyer
SQL Server MVP

This is a quality product. What a rare thing these days. I will be purchasing your product next week for 2 reasons.

  1. The product does work well with many flavors of databases.
  2. You provided practically instant support during my evaluation phase, which is critical during an evaluation phase.

Great Job my friend.

Rudy H, Programmer Analyst
United Drugs

After a long search and many many hours of trial and more or less disappointment, I read a forum post by one of your folks to SQL Server Central, and then I tried SQLSpec, and it is the BEST BY FAR AND AWAY, period. Congratulations on a product that delights!

With that, I wanted to ask if it would be possible for the non-profit I work for, the Childrens Hospital of Boston, to be considered for a free-for-non-profits license.

Either way, please keep up the great work! If I have to, I am going to spend my own money on this tool as we need it, we finally have the budget to upgrade our DBs (from SQL Server 2000 believe it or not!) and the usual suspects in this application/tool space just don't hold a candle to the output your tool is capable of - just great and a pleasure to use besides.

Adam Cassel, Senior DBA
Children's Hospital Boston

[Ed. note: we did provide Adam with a free site license, as we do for any non-profit organization that asks!]

We had migrated the multilingual documentation of our SQL Server databases from a set of text files into the databases as "Extended properties" and wanted to automate the generation of help files.

After evaluation of 12 tools we selected SqlSpec from Elsasoft. We were impressed by its configurability and its rich set of features. The graphical illustrations of dependencies, the batch file generator, the diversity of supported databases, just to name a few. Nontheless it is very simple to use, both, command line and GUI.

This combination was not offered by any other tool and the pricing was more than fair. It met almost all of our requirements out of the box, and additionally needed adaptations to our needs have been implemented very quickly. The excellent support and responses were the cherry on the cake, which motivated me to write these lines.

Andreas Ban

We are migrating to a central data repository/new program from approximately 34 individual databases. I have been trying to produce the structures of all the databases to submit to the vendor. The existing databases include MS Access, Oracle and Foxpro.

Not being satisfied with what I was able to produce with Access and not being a DBA or programmer, I started searching for anything that could give me what was needed. I tested many different programs that were "supposed" to give fantastic documentation. Nothing fit and then I found SQLSPEC.

All that I can say is I was literally bouncing off the walls after testing it. Within 1 hour of testing I purchased SQLSPEC. You have saved me so much work and headache that I can not thank you enough. What a fantastic tool to have in your collection.

I know that you could have charged many times what you do and it still would be a fantastic buy.

You now have a devoted fan and the other testimonials are right on the button.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

DeWayne Littlejohn
Nevada Department of Business and Industry

For two years the need to document our 15+ SQL2000 DB's was becoming more and more urgent. First we were starting to document the most critical parts in MS Word, but it became quickly outdated, with all the consequences.

About half a year ago I came across SqlSpec version 3. At first I thought this program was overdone. All these tables, columns, defaults, dependencies, properties etc. But with the growing of our company these .chm files became a huge help for new programmers to know the data faster.

Also the batchfile generator is a welcome feature. We now schedule the main DB's at night so all documentation is accurate.

Finally the support is phenomenal. Had some trouble with one of the DB's, and received a debugged version within a few hours! The value for money is very high. I think every DBA needs this tool!

Colin van Viegen, DBA
Infotheek Groep NV


That is perfect - absolutely ace! I'm rushing it to the client to get it going.

What astonishing service!!!! I canít thank you enough Ė YOU HAVE SAVED MY BACON!

I hope someday to meet you in person and give you a BIG handshake and buy you a beer. In the meantime Iím telling all the techies I know to go try your product Ė Iíll let you know how the presentation goes too Ė Iím going to demo your tool documenting both Oracle and SQL server.

I can't thank you enough for creating a perfect solution to the needs to document the database, the relationship following stuff with diagrams is so perfect - it really helps the developers trace problems. XML commenting in stored procs is just bloody pure inspirational thinking - I wrote it down as one of the things I REALLY wanted from a tool but DOUBTED I would get - so pleased to see it on your feature list, even better to see that it works and creates fabulous help docs!

I spent a few days evaluating all your competitors prior to selecting your tool. I reckon you could charge $300 a copy, sweep the market from under APEX and BIDocumentor or whatever it's called - and build yourself a cool little team to grow this with - you have a MARKET WINNER!

Damn powerful stuff.

Gary R.

First off, I wanted to mention that SqlSpec is by far the coolest, most robust SQL Server documentation tool I've ever seen! I can't tell you how long I've been craving a tool like this! It'll be handy not only for in-depth documentation of a database implementation, but it'll be very useful during development or troubleshooting of stored procedures (procedure call chain, object dependencies, sample records, source code, etc.)

Kael D.
Keller Schroeder

You have no idea how much time this will save me. I don't know if my words do this enough justice. Thanks again...

I am completely sold on this product. It's hard to believe that an application this inexpensive is capable of handling this much data so flawlessly. The final result of processing my largest database was 21,152 files clocking in at just under 1GB (940MB) of pure text/html. Documenting all of this manually would have been well beyond impossible.

Great product, even better support. Thank you so much.

Eric M.
International Road Dyanamics

The product worked great!

It is not tied at the hip to the IE browser which is a good thing. I wish more products were able to use different browsers. The Great Plains product has 2 large databases. The GP database and TWO database. A third database uniquely called TEST is also installed by GP but it is identical to the GP database. Here's how many objects SqlSpec documented in each:

tables 1217
views 147
stored procedures 16868
user defined functions 42
triggers 64
defaults 10
tables 996
views 97
stored procedures 13966
user defined functions 0
triggers 42
defaults 10

Thanks for providing such a useful and effective tool.

Ron R.
Georgia Lottery Corp

I started using SqlSpec a few weeks ago and, in a few short weeks, it's helped make change management much easier.

Look at the competition - $300-$500+ for the same thing?  Forget it!  For a fraction of the cost of other data dictionary software, SqlSpec is the best deal going. Buy it!

I've demo'ed SqlSpec in the last four SQL classes I've taught.  I'm telling you, I love that software!

Scott Whigham, Owner

This is the most useful piece of software that I have seen in a long while.

I currently need to develop a data dictionary and I couldn't find my CD for ERWIN. I was faced with writing scripts and producing it in Word then I found this.

THANK YOU for doing this (it has saved hours of work) and keeping it at such an affordable price.

I certainly like the config file because it does allow you to fine tune your document further (exclusions are excellent concept).

DBDocumentor has some nice features to it but SQLSpec beats it in a number of areas, i.e (data models, exclusions, presentation overall)

Keep up the good work!!!

Elizabeth T.
Tivoli Systems Inc.

Best money I ever spent! Awesome! It works! You rock.

I am integrating the chm files into an "all inclusive" DBA database on-line book using RoboHelp. This is just the thing I need to keep track of all this crazy stuff. This is a great tool.

I am using it to troubleshoot loading problems on an app (the db I was having problems with). This is proving invaluable in hunting down dependencies.

Thanks again!
Bob M.
Metzig Guitars